Entrepreneur, Maker, Coder camp at many Bay Area locations

Grades 2-5, 5-8 and 8-12

Half, Full and Extended Day​ ​week-long day camps

Each day includes Art, Sports & Leadership Circle

 Open house on Convention-Day or Hack-Day​

Enter Contest for best Pitch & win college scholarship


  • Python Coding
  • JavaScript 
  • App Design
  • Game Design
  • ...


  Summer Camps


summer Camps

Entrepreneur / Maker​ ​Camps

  • Invention
  • Marketing & Media
  • Business Plan
  • Junior Business
  • ...

" We had so much fun at The convention.    

   some Awesome & Some Cute pitches! "

Teen / College Prep

  • TeenStartup
  • SAT+ACT bootcamp 

 Young Visionary Contest

Summer Camp



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Outstanding camp! My daughter took few sessions. I could see a huge progress with the way she expressed her thoughts and put them in writing. Teacher was amazing

...  The instruction allows interactive brainstorming and creation among teams of young people.  It was inspiring to watch the students create business plans, marketing slogans, forecast sales, and have fun 

CAmp FOrmat

​Entrepreneur, Maker, Hacker Summer Camps   

StartupWonder Registration Starts in January 

​​​Come join a unique summer camp experience where thinking outside of the box is celebrated, where failure is a learning experience, where everyone is gifted in some way, and where all you need to succeed is your will and continuously honing your skill. 

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